Sunday, May 18, 2014


When I sat down at my table tonight, my only goal was to put paint on paper. I've been working on a couple of other projects the last week or so, and haven't worked in my journal at all.

As I put the first color on with an old card from a conference, I decided to do a little personal challenge and not use any paint brushes at all on the page. It was a lot of fun and actually came together really quickly. Of course I had to take photos as I went...

The first layers were done with the card...

The circles were done with an old toilet paper tube and a Pringles lid, the lines with a piece of corrugated cardboard! Then I just spread the orange paint with my fingers. I love how this paint is iridescent.

And last but not least, a Sharpie paint marker for a little journaling.

Do you ever give yourself little challenges like this? I'd love to see them!