Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So, Friday I promised I tell you a funny story about one of the faces I've done. This girl...

When I started the page, as usual, I didn't really have a plan as to where I was going with it. I just started by painting the background, using some stencils and then some stamps. I used a few of the stamps from this Bo Bunny set. I used the "scratchy" one and the coffee stains one. (I know you don't see the coffee stains one, keep reading & you'll see why. LOL)

After creating the background, I {obviously} decided there needed to be a girl there. So, I drew the girl and proudly showed the page to one of my friends. (We were having a crafty day.)

She looks at it and says basically, "Um, why does she have such huge boobs?!" I was like WHAT?! 

I hadn't paid any attention to where I was drawing the face in relation to the stamps that I had used and this was the result!

Oh. Em. Gee!!! We were all rolling laughing. I hadn't even realized what I'd done!

Needless to say, she got a bit of a makeover. And... I pay a bit more attention to what I'm doing now. LOL

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